A la carte


Soup of the day with garlic roasted levain bread
1/2 85 SEK 1/1 120 SEK

Cured salmon served on toast melba with mustard and dill sauce
125 SEK

Fried chevré served with winter salad and seed and nuts brittle
110 SEK


Grilled pork side on roasted bread, pickled vegetables and walldorf salad
145 SEK

Grilled salmon, lightly smoked and served with potato gnocchi and a shellfish sauce

Bar-Steak steak with tomato salad, sauce béarnaise and fries
230 SEK

Grilled stuffed breast of lamb with lamb sausage, potato puré with rosted garlic, maderia gravy
190 SEK

Parmesan risotto with roasted beats, thyme fried mushrooms and Jerusalem artichoke foam
150 SEK

Elkmeatballs in creamy sauce with lingonberries and sweet pickled cucumber
155 SEK


Crème Brûlèe with cloudberry
80 SEK

Berries parfait served with hot berries and almond flakes
80 SEK

Chocolate truffle
30 SEK

Chocolate truffle, espresso and 20ml rum
90 SEK