A la carte


Soup of the day with garlic roasted levain bread
1/2 85 SEK 1/1 120 SEK

Marinated salmon chevice
125 SEK

Cured beef with Västerbotten cheese and a herb salad
135 SEK


Steak sandwich served with salad
155 SEK

Mustard seed fried swedish bass with browned butter and new potatoes
225 SEK

Highland beef with tomato salad, sauce béarnaise and fries
265 SEK

Grilled spring chicken (whole) with tarragon velouté and spring vegetables
195 SEK

Beetroot- and potatoo pankcake served wtih cheese gratinated spring vegetables
150 SEK

Meatballs in creamy sauce with lingonberries, sweet pickled cucumber, served with potato puree
155 SEK


Rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
75 SEK

Warm chocolate cake with punch parfait
80 SEK

Chocolate truffle
30 SEK

Chocolate truffle, espresso and 20ml rum
90 SEK