From carp ponds to modern residential facilities

The name Zinkensdamm comes from a man named Frantz Zink who in the 17th century owned afarm house with gardens and large carp ponds here in the neighborhood. The farm house Zinkensdamm was demolished in 1934 and replaced with wooden barracks which during the 1940s, 50s and 60s were used as homes for women who came to Stockholm to work. In these barracks we started our business in 1975, ie over 40 years ago. Since then, the barracks have been demolished and replaced with the modern building which today constitutes a hotel, conference and restaurant.

Innergård på Hotell Zinkensdamm
Konferenslokal Henning & Lotten

Welcome to an Urban Garden!

Today there are 87 hotel rooms, 3 conference halls and associated group rooms, restaurant with seating for 75 seats, large outdoor dining area, dining / banqueting room and 59 hostel rooms. And our lush courtyard! With our unique location in the middle of Södermalm; among bars and restaurants, cinemas and theaters, shopping and museums, yet in the midst of green Tantolunden, we are the perfect option for discovering Stockholm at your own pace.

Our environmental work

We are constantly working to minimize our environmental impact and work for a sustainable society.
We are certified by Green Key; an international eco-label for facilities in the tourist industry, and every year we update our environmental goals.
We have invested in the wind power plant Långås 4, so all the electricity we consume is environmentally friendly.
We compensate for the climate in the solar park BhadlaSolar, India.
We have released the Swedish Tourist Association’s promise of sustainability to our guests.

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