A la carte meny


Starters and smaller dishes

Smoked reindeer
135 SEK

Smoked reindeer mixture on Västerbotten pastry, topped with bleek roe from Kalix

Chantarelle salad
130 SEK

Chantarelle salad with Tuscan cabbage, serrano crisp, lemon vinaigrette with thyme and fermented garlic

Pickled herring sandwich
70 SEK

Pickled herring sandwich

Cep soup
95 SEK

Cep soup and garlic bread

145 SEK

Bookmakertoast with horseradish and egg yolk

Melon salad
125 - 140 SEK

Melon salad with quinoa, baked cherry tomatoes and a spicy mango dressing with feta cheese or marinated tofu


Main Courses

BBQ glazed chicken
175 SEK

BBQ glaced chicken salad with walnuts, pears, celery and blue cheese dressing

Swedish meatballs
175 SEK

Swedish meatballs in creamy sauce with lingonberries, sweet pickled cucumber and new potatoes

Blackened cod
235 SEK

Balckened  back of cod with black salsify, browned butter with lemon and hazelnuts and potateos

Halloumi burger
195 SEK

Halloumi burger with avocado crème, pickled onions, jalapeños and potato fries

175 SEK

Hamburger with smoked cheddar, bacon and onion chutney, coleslaw and potato fries

235 SEK

Flank with red wine sauce, parmesan butter, tomato salad and potato fries


French chocolate cake
95 SEK

French chocolate cake served with blackberry coulis and vanilla ice cream

Strawberries with mascarpone
80 SEK

Strawberries with mascarpone, cake crumbs, lime zest and mocha crème

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