A la carte meny

Starters and smaller dishes

Fig au gratin
110 SEK

served with chevré, Swedish air-dried ham and pomegranate

Toast Skagen
125 SEK
Pickled herring sandwich
70 SEK
Jerusalem artichoke soup
125 SEK

topped with nuts and seeds

Shrimp sandwich
175 SEK

with dill and chili aioli, eggs and pickled radish

Main Courses

Salted Cod back
245 SEK

with lobster sauce, potato croquettes with västerbottens cheese, chickpeas and lemon baked tomatoes


Rack of Lamb
265 SEK

with balsamico and garlic sauce, red onion butter, beer pickled onions and creamed potatoes


Vegetarian springrolls
210 SEK

with a sour glas noodle salad

195 SEK

with gruyère, kimchi mayonnaise, caramelized onions, coleslaw and french fries


195 SEK

in a creamy sauce served with lingonberries, sweet pickled cucumber and mashed potatoes



French chocolate cake
90 SEK

baked in a can with vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche

Tarte Tatin
90 SEK

with vanilla ice cream

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